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Properties and Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide, molecular formula is H2S, molecular weight is 34.076, is a flammable acid gas under standard conditions, colorless, odorous egg smell at low concentration, poisonous. Its aqueous solution is hydrosulfuric acid. The molecular weight is 34.08, the vapor pressure is 2026.5kPa / 25.5 ° C, the flash point is <-50 ° C, the melting point is -85.5 ° C, the boiling point is -60.4 ° C, and the relative density is (air = 1) 1.19, soluble in water, easily soluble in alcohols, petroleum solvents and crude oil. The ignition point is 292 ° C. Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable and hazardous chemical. When mixed with air, it can form explosive mixtures. When exposed to open flames and high heat, it can cause combustion and explosion. Hydrogen sulfide is an important chemical material.

Physical properties of hydrogen sulfide

  1. Colorless
  2. It has a typical smell of rotten eggs (the smell of rotten eggs can be smelled in the range of 0.13-4.6ppm, but when it exceeds 4.6ppm, the odor is inactivated)
  3. Molecular mass: 34.08
  4. Soluble in water, carbon disulfide, petroleum solvents and crude oil.

Chemical properties of hydrogen sulfide

  1. Combustible, the flame is blue when burning, and generates toxic gas SO2
  2. Explosion limit in air: 4.3% ~ 45.5% (volume ratio)
  3. Very toxic, lethal concentration of H2S is 500ppm
  4. Extremely corrosive to steel.

Hydrogen sulfide gas detection

The highly toxic and explosive properties of hydrogen sulfide make it necessary to prevent leakage during industrial production or transportation. Now industrial production uses other detectors to monitor the concentration of toxic and harmful gases. Wan Andy’s fixed hydrogen sulfide gas detector can be used for 24 hours Real-time monitoring is widely used in industrial production, petroleum and petrochemical fields.

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