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Technical Characteristics and Parameters of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Technical characteristics: Continuous measurement of SO2, NOX, CO, CO2, CH4, O2, C2H4, C3H8, TCH, and other gas concentrations. Can analyze multiple components at the same time. Multiple 4-20mA analog output and relay contact output. Automatic calibration, fault self-diagnosis, digital communication functions. High precision and good stability. Menu operation, Chinese and English LCD display. ppm or […]

Structure and Working Principle of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Infrared gas analyzer is made by using the principle of different formulas of liquid chemical reagents to directly absorb certain components of gas. Specifically, it is through the nature of certain chemical reagents (absorbents) that chemically react with co2, O2, and co in the exhaust gas, so that a certain amount of exhaust gas is […]

Main Features of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Can be automatically adjusted according to the surrounding air (depending on the measured component) High efficiency does not require calibration gases and accessories. Multi-layer detection guarantees high degree of sensitivity and small lateral sensitivity. The sampling unit is easy to clean and reduces maintenance costs. Humanized WINCE operating system, data is automatically stored. Open interface […]

Introduction of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Infrared gas analyzer uses infrared to analyze the body. It is based on the different concentrations of the components to be analyzed, the absorbed radiant energy is different, and the remaining radiant energy makes the temperature in the detector rise differently, and the pressure on the two sides of the moving film is different, thereby […]

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