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Main Features of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Can be automatically adjusted according to the surrounding air (depending on the measured component)

High efficiency does not require calibration gases and accessories.

Multi-layer detection guarantees high degree of sensitivity and small lateral sensitivity.

The sampling unit is easy to clean and reduces maintenance costs.

Humanized WINCE operating system, data is automatically stored.

Open interface structure (RS232, LAN, Internet).

Internet remote control machine

Application area

Operational optimization of small combustion systems

For combustion systems using all types of fuels (oil, gas and coal), check their exhaust emissions

Degree; can also monitor the operation detection of thermal combustion plant

Monitoring indoor air

Detect air conditions in fruit storage rooms, greenhouses, cellars, and warehouses

Detection process control functions

Monitoring of environmental conditions during heat treatment of steel

For use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Flue gas emission detection system and process and safety monitoring

Technical Parameters

Linearity Less than 2% Repeatability Less than 1%

Sampling flow 500 ~ 2000ml Noise less than 1%

Zero drift less than 1% display 7-inch color screen

Output RS232, LAN, Internet Ambient temperature -10 ~ 45 ℃

Sample gas temperature 0 ~ 40 ℃ Humidity less than 90%

Sample gas condition Clean and dry Size 440 × 420 × 220 mm

Power supply 110 ~ 220V mains inlet 6mm

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