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3 Intelligent Methods to Easily Streamline Gas Sensor Routine Maintenance

They could be grim, but these symbolize the details. The Centres for Illness Handle and Reduction is vital fatalities by various leads to each year, as well as in only five-several years preserved 2,244 demise by carbon monoxide (molecular formulation CO). In the event that appearance isn’t alarming enough, take into consideration that CO is […]

How to Debug the Combustible Gas Alarm?

If a metrological certification is required, the portable meter needs to be sent to the local metrology institute, and the fixed meter needs to invite the measurement staff to come to the calibration. (If it is within the range of test accuracy, a metrological verification certificate or test report can be obtained). Learn more about […]

How to Choose Gas Detectors for Different Environments?

According to different environment and testing requirements, choosing the right and correct gas detector is a must for everyone who is engaged in safety and health work. The type of gas detector is different depending on the environment. fixed: This is the most commonly used detector in industrial installations and production processes. It can be […]

How does an Environmental Dust Monitor Work?

The working principle of environmental dust monitor, this instrument is composed of a sensor and a data processor assembled together. The sensor is a key component of the instrument’s data acquisition. The principle of this component is to convert the laser beam After a set of aspherical mirrors, it becomes a fine measuring beam with […]

How does a Flammable Gas Alarm Guarantee Production Safety?

Combustible gas alarm device is related to safety, so it belongs to the scope of compulsory verification. Flammable gas alarm instrument has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which displays the ambient temperature and humidity in real time. GASTiger 2000’s wireless capabilities allow security personnel to obtain instrument data and alarm status in real-time from […]

Harm and Detection of Chlorine

Chlorine is a toxic gas that invades the human body through the respiratory tract and dissolves in the water contained in the mucous membranes, generating hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid, causing damage to the upper respiratory tract mucosa: hypochlorous acid causes strong oxidation of tissues; hydrochloric acid stimulates the mucosa Inflammatory swelling occurs, causing the […]

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