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Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer


◆The sensor and transmitter adopt an integrated structure, and the aluminum alloy case is lighter and smaller than similar instruments

◆Large screen LCD dot matrix display, man-machine dialogue

◆Chinese menu type function selection

◆Automatic storage of measurement data, with paperless recorder function

◆Arbitrarily set the upper and lower limit alarm output of the measured value

◆Automatic range switching

◆Communication RS232

product description:

The zirconia oxygen analyzer is an oxygen sensor composed of zirconia solid electrolyte, and the signal change is an intelligent online analysis instrument composed of a new type of microprocessor as the core.

The main purpose:

◆Air separation, automatic analysis of oxygen content in chemical process

◆Semiconductor and magnetic material production

◆Float glass, cement and building materials industry

◆Automatic analysis of oxygen content in various industrial kilns and heat treatment processes

◆Scientific research on electronic components, biopharmaceuticals, etc.

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