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Working Environment of Oxygen Analyzer

Let me briefly introduce the working environment of the oxygen analyzer:

①Dust-proof, moisture-proof (water vapor), shock-proof, avoid direct light, keep away from heat sources, strong electromagnetic sources, electric fans (or air conditioners), smoke and dust

②Working temperature: 15~30℃, a relatively constant temperature, without too much fluctuation

③Working humidity: <70%, it is recommended to be equipped with air conditioner, but avoid direct air-conditioning to blow the instrument. More than 80% (mildew rain season) should take dehumidification measures.

④Anti-corrosive gas such as acid mist. Use good exhaust air, and overflow the solution promptly.

Steps to use oxygen analyzer:

  1. Connect the power cable and signal cable in **step, and press the air intake pipe.
  2. Open the needle valve at the back of the instrument and open to ** (clockwise to open, counterclockwise to close.)
  3. Open the front door of the instrument (use the inner hexagon to unscrew the front panel and pull out the panel), and connect the green two-core plug of the battery to the two-core socket directly in front of the main board.
  4. When the instrument is not powered (the power switch is on the back of the PLC cabinet of the air separation unit, and the switch is marked), blow with industrial air for 20 hours (the flow rate must be maintained at 10-12 L/h)
  5. After the oxygen analyzer is blown, power on and observe whether there is “input signal high” message in the display. If there is this signal state, immediately power off and continue purging for a few hours before powering on. In short, the display of the instrument cannot display “high access signal”. This indicates that the oxygen content in N2 is still high, and the power must be turned off to continue purging, remember! When displaying “input signal high”, power off and purge immediately.
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