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Why Should The Coal Mill Install The Coal Mill Online Gas Analyzer?

Coal pulverizer is a machine that crushes and grinds coal into pulverized coal. It is an important auxiliary equipment for pulverized coal furnace. In the coal mill, the lump coal, which is chemically stable in nature, is ground and mixed with air to form a mixture of oxidant (oxygen in the air) and reducing agent (charcoal in coal powder)— —-Pulverized coal flow. If you want to improve the efficiency of fuel use, you must constantly try to grind the pulverized coal as fine as possible. Therefore, the coal is ground into extremely small pulverized coal in the coal mill. The current processing level has reduced the diameter of the pulverized coal to below micrometers.

However, when the coal is ground into pulverized coal, the contact area between the oxidant and the reducing agent in the pulverized coal stream is increased, so that the pulverized coal stream is transformed into an inflammable and explosive mixture that is extremely sensitive to open flames. In this case, once the pulverized coal flow comes into contact with an open flame or the temperature of a certain part of the coal mill rises above the ignition point of the pulverized coal, flash explosion is very easy to occur, the lighter will cause equipment damage and the production process will be interrupted; There will be serious accidents that may cause the plane to crash and kill people.


Analysis shows that most of the faults in the coal mill system come from the abnormal accumulation of pulverized coal, which usually occurs inside the grinding system or at the outlet/inlet of the pulverized coal. Once the pulverized coal deposits, the pulverized coal begins to oxidize, release heat to increase the temperature, and accelerate the oxidation, heat release, and temperature rise. After a certain period of time, the temperature can reach the spontaneous combustion temperature and spontaneous combustion occurs. (Because the coal mill is a continuous operation processing equipment, the corresponding parts of the system will also generate a lot of heat due to repeated friction for a long time, resulting in rapid local temperature Increase.) When the pulverized coal reaches an explosive concentration, it will cause a spontaneous pulverized coal explosion. Therefore, the coal mill must be equipped with a coal mill under the analyzer to monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide and oxygen.


The CO content is an important indicator of flame occurrence. Coal is mainly composed of carbon. In the presence of oxygen and sufficient temperature, it will react and start the oxidation process. After coal dust accumulation occurs, the CO concentration will continue to increase until an explosion occurs. Therefore, the detection of CO can give an early warning before the spontaneous combustion of pulverized coal develops into an open flame to protect the safety of equipment and personnel.


AGA1000d series coal mill online gas analyzer


AGA1000d coal mill online gas analyzer is used for coal mill to provide early fire warning. The system uses NDIR non-dispersive infrared principle, which can analyze the ppm level changes of co. According to the working conditions of the coal mill, the supporting pretreatment system is equipped with special sampling probes, filter components, exhaust components, etc. The complete system adopts an explosion-proof design and can be used in hazardous areas.

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