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What Preparations do I Need before Using the Flue Gas Analyzer?

With the development of the times and the improvement of the economic level, flue gas analyzers have been applied to our lives. The content of oxygen and carbon oxides in the flue gas, the flue gas temperature is too high or too low, the inlet/outlet water pipe temperature, the gas Many working conditions such as pressure need to be detected and analyzed by detection values, and it is very critical whether a flue gas analyzer that can meet almost all heating detection requirements is used correctly. So what preparations need to be made before using the flue gas analyzer?

  1. Gas path


Since all the calculation basis of gas concentration values ​​are related to the stability of the sampling flow, if the gas path is blocked, it will cause calculation errors.


① Check whether the flow rate of the air pump is within a reasonable deviation range of the rated value; if the gas path leaks, the gas entering the sensor is a mixture of air and exhaust gas, and the measured value will be low or close to the concentration value in the air.


② Comes with tightness test function. The gas circuit can be checked for the instrument; the gas circuit can be checked for the instrument and probe; the gas circuit can be checked for the instrument and the sampling hose.


  1. Zero calibration


If the zero position is not accurate, let alone the accuracy of the measured value. Therefore, the instrument will automatically reset to zero when it is turned on.


  1. Correctly set the sensor protection limit


Certain combustion equipment, or equipment that has been disassembled and repaired, may have a sudden increase in CO when re-adjusted. Therefore, in order to avoid damage to the sensor or reduction in life, please set a reasonable protection limit. Once the protection limit is exceeded, The air pump stops automatically to avoid unnecessary losses.


  1. Correctly set the O2 reference value in the fuel factor


Only by correctly setting the O2 reference value in the fuel coefficient according to the national standard can the accuracy of the read gas concentration value mg/m3 be guaranteed, otherwise the measured value will have no reference meaning.


  1. Selection of center point


When sampling the flue gas, it is necessary to place the front end of the flue gas probe at the center of the flue gas to ensure that the measured value is representative and to correctly analyze the combustion operating conditions. This smoke center point is not the geometric center point, but the point where the smoke temperature on the cross section of the measurement point is measured. Then you need to move the probe position while viewing the temperature value, then determine the measurement point and fix the flue gas probe.


  1. The tightness of the sampling point


The gap between the sampling hole and the probe may cause the measured value to be low in the case of negative pressure, so the user can take appropriate sealing measures to ensure the accuracy of the measured value according to the actual situation on the site.


The above is the introduction of “What do you need to do before using the flue gas analyzer”. If you have any other questions, you can consult us at any time.

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