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What is the Function of an Infrared Gas Analyzer?

What is the function of an infrared gas analyzer?

The infrared gas analyzer is a new type of infrared gas sensor independently developed by our company for environmental monitoring and industrial site emission gas analysis. It adopts imported high-precision, high-resolution probes and a gas absorption pool with completely independent intellectual property rights. The sensor has the characteristics of high accuracy, good stability and fast response time. The analyzer is used to continuously analyze the content of CO, CO2, SO2, CH4, NH3 and other gases in multiple gas mixtures.

products are mainly used in the following occasions:


1.1 Used for air quality testing in public places;


1.2 Used for industrial process control in petroleum, chemical, power station, metallurgy and other industries;


1.3 Industrial process gas analysis;


1.4 Health and epidemic prevention and agricultural research institutions;


1.5 coal injection, incineration and other processes.


1.6 Coke oven gas, water gas, fertilizer and other gas-making industries;


1.7 spheroidizing annealing furnace, circuit, cement plant, kiln tail and other industries;




2.1 Non-dispersive infrared technology (NDIR) with independent intellectual property rights;


2.2 High measurement accuracy, fast response speed and good repeatability;


2.3 The sensor range can be customized according to requirements, with long service life;


2.4 Optional output signal: RS232 (default), RS485, (4~20) mA;


2.5 Working power/power consumption: DC12V/≤35W;


2.6 Infrared light source with stable performance, long service life, less impact by shock and vibration;


2.7 The imported dual-channel infrared detector scheme compensates for the measured gas absorption signal. Compared with the single-channel scheme, the measurement is less affected by external environmental factors, and the result is more stable without frequent calibration.


3 Product introduction


3.1 Product structure


The infrared sensor is composed of an infrared light source, a gas sample chamber (gas chamber), an infrared filter and a matching dual-channel detector and circuit.


The product integrates gas chamber, sensor, and circuit board, which is light and convenient. The gas chamber is an aluminum shell, and a unique manufacturing process is used to ensure the normal flow of gas. The inlet and outlet ports use φ6×4 quick-tightening hose joints.

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