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What is an Infrared Gas Analyzer?What is an Infrared Gas Analyzer?

Infrared gas analyzer, which has incomparable advantages in the past in terms of performance, volume, power consumption and price, is also an inevitable trend to replace the traditional chemical manual laboratory analyzer-Austenitic gas analyzer.


Infrared gas analyzer

Infrared gas analyzer, as a classical chemical manual analysis instrument, has the advantages of simple structure, cheap price, easy maintenance, etc. This instrument has been widely used in laboratories, often used for CO2, O2, CO, H2, hydrocarbons, etc. Content determination, its principle is to measure CO, CO2 and O2 by solution absorption method, CH4 and H2 are measured by explosive combustion method, and the remaining gas is N2. The infrared gas analyzer has a simple structure. Although the cost of one-time purchase is low, the long-term operating cost is high. Excluding the cost of analysts, it only costs at least 10,000 yuan to buy reagents and glassware each year. Moreover, manual sampling of gas must be performed in the laboratory Analysis, in which the operating skills and “attitude” of the analyst have a great influence on the degree of analysis. Infrared gas analyzer can only detect and analyze one component at a time. It does not have multiple input and signal processing functions. The analysis is time consuming, cumbersome operation, slow response speed, low efficiency, and it is difficult to analyze production conditions in real time. It is gradually being replaced by fully automatic analytical instruments. The shortcomings of the infrared gas analyzer in practical applications are mainly: 1) the method is a manual analyzer, which is cumbersome to operate, has low accuracy and slow speed, cannot be analyzed online, and cannot meet the needs of production development; 2) comb tubes The volume has an influence on the analysis results, especially on the explosion method. 3) The austenitic instrument has a long time for dynamic fire analysis and measurement, and there are certain limitations in the place. It is also necessary to pay attention to the completeness of the chemical reaction. Misleading production; 4) The alkaline solution of pyrogallic acid has good oxygen absorption efficiency at 15-20 ° C, the absorption effect decreases with the decrease of temperature, and the absorption capacity is almost completely lost at 0 ° C, so the temperature of the absorption liquid must not be low At 15 ° C.

Application area

Infrared analyzer is commonly used to continuously measure the content of CO, CO2, CH4, SO2, NOX and CH in various mixed gases. It is a very important type of instrument in online analyzers and is widely used in vehicle emission detection (Vehicle Emission) On-line analysis and monitoring of gas components in the petrochemical production process; gas analysis and monitoring of blast furnaces, converters, coke ovens and kiln in the metallurgical industry; gas analysis and monitoring of scientific experiments, environmental protection, medical and health industries; biomedicine, Process gas measurement in food fermentation, sewage treatment, landfill, etc .; gas detection in storage, greenhouse, indoor and other places; flue gas detection (CEM), etc.

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