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What Are The Performance Characteristics of a Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer

The mass spectrometer gas analyzer uses inert gas as the carrier gas, and uses the graphite crucible between the upper and lower electrodes of the pulse heating furnace to instantly reach 3000 ℃, so that the sample is heated and melted. The oxides and nitrides in the sample react with C to generate CO and N2. H, Ar are released as H2 and Ar. The carrier gas loads the mixed gases CO, N2, H2, and Ar released by the reaction into the time-of-flight mass spectrometer. The flight times of ions of different masses are different, and the O, N, H, and Ar in the sample are obtained according to the information of the separated different ions. content.

The performance advantages of mass spectrometer gas analyzer:

Small size, light weight, durable ABS case

The compact body also provides reliable performance without adding any weight burden to the user. The device weighs 244 grams and can be held in the palm or clipped to a pocket, helmet or belt. The sturdy ABS construction provides durable protection from damage caused by impact or falling.

lithium ion battery pack

provides longer running time, with or without pump. Fast charging can be performed directly in the device.

Standard data logging function

The memory can record up to 75 hours of data records for archiving.

Quick calibration

Calibrate all sensors at the same time, saving time. Compared with standard calibration procedures, this equipment can reduce the amount of gas required for each calibration, thereby saving costs.

Graphic LCD display

LCD display shows real-time readings of all monitored gases. Graphical operation icons display battery charging status, sensor loss, and other related data.

Vibration alarm

The additional alarm function can give an alarm in a noisy environment to alert the user.

Visual and audible alarm

Bright indicator light visual alarm and 90 decibel audible alarm can provide protection in dangerous environments.

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