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What are the Measurable Gases of the High Temperature Infrared Gas Analyzer?

High temperature infrared gas analyzer is a physical analysis instrument made according to the principle of gas (or liquid, solid) absorption of infrared. It can measure continuously, has a wide measurement range, high accuracy, high sensitivity, and good selectivity. It has been widely used in industrial production.

Detection principle of high-temperature infrared gas analyzer Various polyatomic gases (CO, CO2, CH4, etc.) have a certain absorption capacity for infrared, but not the entire band, but only a part of the band. These bands are called characteristic absorption bands . Depending on the gas, the wavelengths that absorb infrared light are also different. Infrared analyzer is based on the selective absorption of infrared radiation with different wavelengths based on certain gases. When infrared rays pass through the mixed gas, the measured component in the gas absorbs the radiant energy of the infrared rays, causing the entire mixed gas to increase in temperature and pressure due to heating. This change in temperature and pressure is related to the concentration of the measured gas component. Converting this change into other forms of energy change can determine the concentration of the measured component.

Structural composition of high temperature infrared gas analyzer

There are two types of light sources in the radiation area, one is a single light source, and the other is a dual light source. A single light source has only one light-emitting element, and a set of equal beams of the same energy enters the reference and sample chambers through two reflectors. The dual light source structure uses one light source for each of the reference and sample chambers. Due to the different light emission of the two light sources, errors occur. The task of the light source is to generate two equal and stable equal infrared beams with a certain frequency (2 ~ 12Hz). The light source is generally made of nickel-chromium wire.

The function of the detection room, the detection room (detector) is to receive the infrared radiation emitted from the infrared light source and convert it into electrical signals. Most infrared analyzers use a capacitive microtone cis detector.

Sample chamber and reference chamber. The sample chamber and reference chamber of most infrared analyzers are made of brass. The inner wall is required to be smooth and gold-plated so that the infrared rays can be reflected multiple times in the gas chamber to obtain a good transmission effect. When measuring corrosive gases, glass, stainless steel or fluoroplastic products can be used. The reference gas chamber is filled with non-absorbed gas. The sample can only pass through the sample chamber.

The light chopper is used to modulate the light radiation signal sent by the light source through the motor to change the signal, thereby avoiding long detection signal drift.

There are usually two types of filter chambers, one is a gas-filled filter chamber and the other is an interference filter, which enables the outside line analyzer to replace the interference filter as needed to meet the needs of detecting different gases.

When the gas analyzer sampling system performs atmospheric pressure measurement, the gas sample outlet of the high-temperature infrared analyzer is vented to the atmosphere. Sampling systems include gas purification, decompression, drying, removal of chemical impurities and flow meters. If the sample gas is hot, a cooling device is required.

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