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What are The Influencing Factors of Trace Gas Composition Analysis?

The trace nitrogen gas analyzer uses high-frequency and high-voltage power to ionize the gas to generate positively charged ions and free electrons to form a plasma environment in which N2 molecules are ionized into atoms. The positively charged ions and free spots are accelerated to the negative electrode and the positive electrode respectively under the action of the electric field. Due to collisions, ions and electrons transfer their own energy to atoms, causing gaseous atoms to be excited. After the atom is excited, its outer electron undergoes an energy level transition, and emits a characteristic spectrum when it returns to the ground state. Through the detection of the characteristic spectrum, the concentration of trace nitrogen is analyzed.

The microscopic changes of gas composition when flowing in pipelines and equipment are complex and changeable. Many influencing factors that can be ignored in the analysis of the composition of the macro gas, not only cannot be ignored in the analysis of the composition of the trace gas, but must be taken seriously. At this time, these factors have become the main contradiction that affects the correct result of the analysis of the trace gas composition, and must be eliminated one by one. Only by solving can the trace gas analysis instrument work smoothly. These influencing factors mainly include the following aspects:

① The gas in the sampling pipeline is repeatedly mixed several times;

②Physical and chemical interaction between pipe wall and gas composition;

③Pipe material;

④Pipeline connection method;

⑤The cleanliness of the pipeline.

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