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What are the Factors that Affect the Gas Detector Reading

Gas detector is a kind of instrument and instrument for gas leak concentration detection. It mainly uses sensors to detect the types of gases in the environment. Gas sensors are sensors used to detect the composition and content of gases.

Many environmental factors can affect the readings of gas detector sensors, especially oxygen detectors, including changes in pressure, humidity, and temperature. Changes in pressure and humidity affect the amount of oxygen actually present in the atmosphere.

Pressure change

If the pressure changes sharply (such as when passing through a gas plug), the gas detector sensor readings may fluctuate temporarily, which may cause the detector to sound an alarm. When the oxygen volume percentage is stably maintained at about 20.8%, and the entire pressure drop is large, the oxygen for breathing in the environment may become dangerous.

Humidity change

If the humidity changes significantly (such as when entering from an air-conditioned dry environment into an outdoor humid air environment), the water vapor in the air will drive out the oxygen, which may cause the oxygen reading to fall by up to 0.5%. The gas detector sensor is equipped with a special filter to eliminate the effect of humidity changes on the gas reading. This effect will not be noticed immediately, but it will slowly affect the degree of oxygen after a few hours.

Temperature change

Sensor with temperature compensation, however, if the temperature fluctuates sharply, the gas detector sensor readings may drift. The instrument should be zeroed at the job site to minimize the effect of temperature changes on the readings.

When the gas detector is cleaned, the outer surface of the meter needs to be cleaned frequently with a damp cloth, and the use of cleaning agents is strictly prohibited. Because the cleaning agent may also contain silicon, it can damage the combustible gas sensor, when storing, choose a place that is as safe and dry as possible, and the storage temperature range is 18 ℃ -30 ℃. Before using the stored gas detector, the calibration of the detector must be reproduced. During transportation, the protective gas detector should be transported with a suitable packing to prevent accidental damage to the instrument during transportation.

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