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What are the Common Failures of the Trace Oxygen Analyzer During Use?  

(1) shows that the temperature of the measuring cell is low. You can check the connection of the thermocouple of the measuring cell, check the insurance on the multiplexer board, and check the connection of the circuit board.   

(2) displays the high or low potential of the measuring cell. You can check the circuit connection of the measuring cell, check the connection between the circuit boards, and check the zirconia sensor.   

(3) The sensor responds slowly to changes in the oxygen content of the sample gas, and the measured value is low. It can check the sampling system of the instrument, calibrate the zero range, check the sensor, etc.   

(4) The oxygen content in the working environment of the instrument should be the oxygen content of the air to avoid other factors from affecting the oxygen content of the working environment. 

(5) When the instrument is started up, clean air or nitrogen must be passed into each sampling pipeline and purged clean; the inlet of the instrument needs to be installed with a filter to avoid damage to the sensor by impurities in the sampling pipeline when the air separation equipment is started up.

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