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What are the Classifications of Oxygen Analyzers?

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Oxygen analyzer is an industrial online process analysis instrument. It is not only widely used in the detection of oxygen concentration in mixed gases in heating furnaces, chemical reaction vessels, underground wells, industrial nitrogen, etc.

Detection of Dissolved Oxygen in Drainage outside the Treatment Unit

There are many types of oxygen analyzers, different detection principles, and strong pertinence. Therefore, appropriate instruments should be selected according to different applications and different process conditions.

Type of oxygen analyzer

Oxygen analyzer for zirconia

Product description:

The zirconia oxygen analyzer is an oxygen sensor composed of a zirconia solid electrolyte, and the signal change is an intelligent online analysis instrument composed of a new microprocessor as the core.


◆ Integrated structure of sensor and transmitter, aluminum alloy case is lighter and smaller than similar instruments

◆ Large screen LCD dot matrix display, man-machine dialogue

◆ Chinese menu-style function selection

◆ Automatic measurement data storage, with paperless recorder function

◆ Arbitrary setting of measured value upper and lower limit alarm output

◆ Automatic range switching

◆ Communication RS232

The main purpose:

◆ Air separation, automatic analysis of oxygen content in chemical process

◆ Production of semiconductors and magnetic materials

◆ Float glass and cement building materials industry

◆ Automatic analysis of oxygen content in various industrial furnaces and heat treatment processes

◆ Scientific research on electronic components, biopharmaceuticals, etc.

Classification of oxygen analyzers

Trace oxygen analyzer

Instrument Features:

Integrated design reduces the influence of external interference on measured values;

The probe uses special materials to make it more resistant to corrosion;

Instrument housing with high protection level;

Built-in display and button design, which can ensure the service life of the instrument part even in harsh environments;

Standard DN65 flange mounting makes installation simple and convenient;

High-precision temperature automatic compensation system to eliminate the influence of ambient temperature;

Simple operation, long service life and easy maintenance;

Application areas:

It is widely used in the measurement of flue gas on-line continuous monitoring system CEMS. It can also be used for humidity measurement and control of wood, building materials, papermaking, chemical, pharmaceutical, fiber, textile, tobacco, vegetables, and food processing. This humidity meter can also be used Humidity measurement in high-temperature environments such as ceramic drying kiln and electrode drying furnace.

On-line oxygen analyzer

Instrument Features:

The original imported wide area ratio sensor is a measurement unit, which has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast response speed, no power consumption and no life, good interchangeability, etc

Calibration at any point can meet the measurement accuracy of the entire range;

One-way or two-way RS232 or RS485 communication, can realize one-way and two-way communication with the computer;

Measuring range 1PPm-25.00% O2, automatic range switching;

No reference gas is required, and it is not affected by the oxygen concentration in the working environment;

High-precision automatic temperature compensation system to eliminate the influence of ambient temperature;

Wide range AC power supply, wider application range;


On-line oxygen analysis of shielding gas such as wave soldering, reflow electronics, soldering furnaces for semiconductor packaging industry and inert gas sintering furnaces.

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