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Various Sampling Methods for Multifunctional Flue Gas Analyzer

Multifunctional smoke analyzer is an instrument for analyzing the content of smoke, which is widely used by people. Flue gas analysis instruments are mainly used in chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, petrochemical, cement production, thermal power generation and other industries.

The advantages of the multi-functional flue gas analyzer are particularly obvious, mainly reflected in:

  1. Powerful. Can analyze and detect a variety of gas coefficients, optional differential pressure, flow rate.
  2. Perfect sampling. Automatically turn on the peristaltic pump and drain the condensate, which is very suitable for the monitoring and analysis of moist flue gas. At the same time, the instrument is equipped with a three-stage filtering and particulate matter collection device to effectively filter smoke particles.
  3. Wireless control. The operator remotely controls the operating instrument; avoids contamination of the operator’s site.
  4. Strong pumping force. Built-in high-power thin-film air pump, the ultimate vacuum can reach -60kPa, and it can still work normally when the negative pressure of the flue is -20kPa.
  5. Quick response. The flue gas sampling flow rate is 2-3.5 liters / minute, ensuring that the sensor is in contact with sufficient flue gas and improving the response speed.
  6. Reliable and durable. The air pump has excellent corrosion resistance.
  7. Easy operation. Use the OK function key to perform various operations directly.
  8. Intuitive display. With a large-screen LCD display, all measurement results are clear at a glance.
  9. Easy to carry. AC and DC dual-use, can work continuously for 6 hours on a single charge, very suitable for industrial field work.
  10. Simple maintenance. With self-diagnostic function, it will automatically alarm when a fault occurs, and point out the fault location. Easy to maintain.
  11. Automatic maintenance. When the CO concentration is out of range, the gas path is automatically disconnected, and the sensor is flushed with a spare air pump to extend its service life.
  12. Data logging. The instrument has a built-in 1500 sets of data storage and a 1GBMMC memory card, which automatically stores measurement data and generates EXCEL format files. The instrument’s built-in high-speed thermal printer can print measurement data at any time.
  13. Average calculation. User-defined storage time, automatic sampling, measurement, storage and printing of measurement data and average value for a given time period.
  14. Optional probes of various styles and lengths ensure to adapt to different field test environments.

There are also many sampling methods for the multi-functional flue gas analyzer, mainly including:

  1. Direct air sampling method (non-dispersive infrared absorption method, ultraviolet absorption method).
  2. Dilution extraction sampling method (including dilution inside the flue and dilution outside the flue).
  3. On-line direct measurement method (a beam of infrared or ultraviolet light is directly irradiated onto the flue gas, and the characteristic absorption spectrum of SO2 is used for measurement)
  4. Constant potential electrolysis.
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