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Use and Application Range of Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer  

The digital hydrogen analyzer can be used to continuously and automatically analyze the percentage concentration of hydrogen in various mixed gases. Its structure is suitable for installation in complete sets of equipment, and has the characteristics of simple structure, small maintenance, and long service life. It is suitable for non-explosion-proof places such as thermal power plants and fertilizer plants, and can also be used in scientific research institutions, laboratories, etc.

Application field of thermal conductivity gas analyzer

  1. Power plants: analysis of the purity of hydrogen used for cooling in the hydrogen cooling system of generators and measurement of the percentage of hydrogen in the environment;
  2. Fertilizer plant: the percentage of hydrogen in fresh gas and recycled gas in the process of nitrogenous fertilizer synthesis of ammonia;

3. Steel plant: analysis of net gas after blast furnace gas dust removal.

Working principle of thermal conductivity gas analyzer

The working principle of the digital hydrogen analysis instrument is to determine its composition according to the thermal conductivity of the gas, that is, to determine the content of hydrogen in the mixed gas by measuring the thermal conductivity of the mixed gas.

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