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Three Types of Eja Gas Analyzers are Introduced

The eja gas analysis instrument mainly uses gas sensors to detect the types of gases present in the environment. The definition of gas sensors is based on the detection target. All sensors used to detect gas composition and concentration are called gas sensors, regardless of whether it is physical Method, still use chemical method. For example, sensors that detect gas flow are not considered gas sensors, but thermal conductivity gas analyzers are important gas sensors, although they sometimes use generally the same detection principles. Commonly used are thermal conductivity gas analyzers, electrochemical gas analyzers and infrared absorption analyzers.

  1. Thermal conductivity gas analyzer: physical gas analyzer. According to the principle that different gases have different thermal conductivity, the content of certain components can be calculated by measuring the thermal conductivity of the mixed gas. This kind of analytical instrument is simple and reliable, and it is a basic analytical instrument for more gas types. In addition to the usual analysis of hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and low-concentration flammable gas content, it can also be used as a detector in a chromatograph to analyze other components.
  2. Electrochemical gas analyzer: chemical gas analyzer. It measures the gas composition based on changes in the amount of ions or changes in current caused by chemical reactions. In order to improve selectivity, prevent contamination of the measuring electrode surface and maintain electrolyte performance, a diaphragm structure is generally used.
  3. Infraed absorption analyzer: an analytical instrument that works according to the selective absorption characteristics of different component gases to different wavelengths of infrared. Measuring this absorption spectrum can identify the type of gas; measuring the absorption intensity can determine the concentration of the gas being measured. The infrared analyzer has a wide range of use. It can not only analyze the gas composition, but also the solution composition. It has high sensitivity and rapid response. It can continuously indicate on-line and can also form an adjustment system.
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