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The Gas Detector is not a Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

Many people may think that gas detectors are gas analyzers. They are just two different names, but in fact they are essentially different and have different functions. The following analyzes the gas detector and gas analyzer from three aspects. the difference.

1. Different detection methods

The gas analyzer needs to take sample gas into the instrument for analysis, and also adjust the working environment inside the instrument, such as temperature, pressure, etc., before obtaining accurate results. The gas detector is directly exposed to the target environment to detect and display the value, and there is no need to debug the instrument.

2. Different testing purposes

The full name of    gas detector is a gas detection alarm. The purpose of detection is for safety protection. By detecting the concentration of the target gas, it can realize an instant alarm of excessive concentration and prevent disasters.

The gas analyzer is only to accurately detect the gas composition and content in the environment, so higher accuracy is required.

3. The internal structure is different

The internal structure of the gas detector and the gas analyzer is different. The structure of the detector is relatively simple, including only the sensor and signal conversion circuit. In addition to the sensor, the gas analyzer also has a gas path system for inhaling the detected gas, analyzing and processing it before releasing it.

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