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The Detection Principle of Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzer

The paramagnetic oxygen analyzer is designed based on the high paramagnetic characteristics of oxygen. The instrument adopts the principle of magnetic mechanical, with high detection accuracy and long life. At the same time, it has a variety of non-explosion-proof and explosion-proof models, which can be used in various safety conditions. Industrial applications.

Detection principle:

The paramagnetic oxygen analyzer is based on the paramagnetic principle of oxygen for detection. In the mixed gas, the magnetic susceptibility of oxygen is several times to hundreds of times higher than that of other gases, so the magnetic susceptibility of the mixed gas depends almost entirely on the amount of oxygen contained, that is, the oxygen content can be determined according to the magnetic susceptibility of the mixed gas How many.

Between the two magnetic poles of the enclosed gas chamber of the sensor, two glass balls filled with nitrogen (commonly known as dumbbells) are installed, and they are fixed on a rotatable coaxial support. There is a mirror on the center axis of the dumbbell ball, and the mirror reflects the light beam emitted by the light source to the photoelectric sensor. The oxygen in the measured gas will be sucked into the magnetic field, which generates a force on the sphere to make the dumbbell ball rotate. The angle of the reflector changes to change the light intensity received on the photoelectric sensor. The control system is to enable the photoelectric sensor to receive the strong signal from Zui. The light signal drives the electromagnetic coil of the dumbbell ball through the current, so that the dumbbell ball can be restored to its original position. The size of the drive current is proportional to the concentration of oxygen, thereby reflecting the size of the oxygen concentration.

The instrument can be widely used for air separation and high purity oxygen analysis; laboratory gas content determination; cement and smelting combustion efficiency; hyperbaric oxygen storage oxygen content monitoring; electric coke oxygen monitoring; agricultural and medical zoology research.


1. Micro, constant, purity oxygen multi-range optional;

2, soft start and watchdog function, the program is stable and does not crash;

3, LCD display, concentration curve, historical data and other information display;

4, RS485 signal output, switch output, compatible with various control systems;

5. Directly measure the paramagnetic properties of oxygen, with little background gas interference;

6. Compared with the non-consumable parts of electrochemical detection, the service life can be as long as 10 years under normal working conditions;

7. Mechanical dumbbell paramagnetic principle, high detection accuracy, short warm-up time, fast response speed and good linearity;

8. Standard 19-inch chassis (non-explosion-proof) design, can be equipped with pretreatment system for various working conditions;

9. Large-thickness carbon steel shell (explosion-proof type), explosion-proof grade reaches ExdⅡCT6, and can be used in explosive hazardous areas.

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