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The Analysis Result of the Trace Oxygen Analyzer is Abnormal, and the Measurement may be Disturbed!

The trace oxygen analyzer is a commonly used analytical instrument, with portable, electrochemical, and online types. The use of a completely sealed fuel cell oxygen sensor is one of the more advanced oxygen measurement methods currently available. When performing trace oxygen analysis, due to the high oxygen content in the air, improper handling can easily cause contamination and interference to the sample, and the analysis result data is abnormal. Some factors may affect the measurement and use of the trace oxygen analyzer, such as:

1. Background gas interference

Like a fuel cell analyzer, different main background gases (related to the molar mass of the background gas) will affect the analysis results. And a small amount of hydrogen will also have a greater impact on the analysis results.

For the case where the sample gas contains a small amount of acid gas, only a special type of Hertz battery oxygen analyzer can eliminate the interference, prevent the sensor from being poisoned, and give correct analysis data. No other fuel cell oxygen analyzer can be used for acid gas analysis.

2, the influence of interference impurities

Interfering impurities mainly refer to a small amount of unknown impurities in addition to the background gas and the component to be measured. For example, the fuel cell micro-oxygen meter is sensitive to acidic and oxidizing gases. If the gas contains acidic gas components, such as CO2, H2S, HCl, HCN, etc. , The fuel pool sensor is prone to poisoning and failure. The trace amount of reducing gas has an impact on the analysis results of the zirconia micro-oxygen analyzer. Recently, it has been found that a trace of N2O has an impact on the zirconia-type trace oxygen analyzer. Therefore, the presence of impurities should be fully considered during the detection and the appropriate selection should be made. The analyzer can get accurate results.


1. Leakage: Leak detection must be strictly performed before the initial use. The oxygen micro-oxygen analyzer can only obtain accurate data results under the premise of tight and leak-proof. Any connection points, welding points, valves, etc. are not tight, will cause the oxygen in the air to reverse seepage into the pipeline and the inside of the oxygen analyzer, resulting in a high oxygen content.

  1. Pollution: When reusing it, first pay attention to whether air leaks into the sampling line of the oxygen analyzer, and must carefully blow off the air leaking into the oxygen micro-oxygen analyzer or connect an external filter, and try not to A large amount of oxygen is passed through the sensor of the oxygen micro-oxygen analyzer to extend the life of the sensor.

In the pipeline system purification process, in order to shorten the purification time, a certain method is needed. Generally, high pressure venting and small flow blowing are used alternately to quickly purify the oxygen micro-oxygen analyzer pipeline. The filter should be replaced in time here to avoid damage to the service life of the equipment.

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