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The Advantages of Online Trace Oxygen Analyzer Are Mainly Reflected In The Following Aspects

The online trace oxygen analyzer is a chemical battery, which is mainly composed of a cathode, an anode and an electrolyte. The above components are sealed in an inert shell. The oxygen in the measured gas enters the O2 near the cathode in the battery to obtain electrons. The anode is made of lead metal. It is made, the lost electrons themselves are oxidized, and the electrons produced by the battery are led out by the circuit and then compensated, corrected and amplified, and the oxygen content in the measured gas can be measured.

On-line trace oxygen analyzer generally uses dry slaked lime powder as the absorbent, and can also use other dry powders or slurries that have the ability to absorb sulfur dioxide as the absorbent. The flue gas enters the circulating fluidized bed absorption tower through the Venturi tube from the bottom. The flue gas carrying a large amount of solid particles is discharged from the top of the absorption tower and enters the recirculation dust collector. The separated particles return to the absorption tower through the intermediate ash bin.

Ammonia water or liquid ammonia in the online trace oxygen analyzer is contacted and mixed with the flue gas, and the washed flue gas passes through a droplet separator to remove water droplets and enters the pre-scrubber. The absorbing liquid is sprayed from the top of the tower to wash the flue gas, and the sulfur dioxide is washed and absorbed to remove. After the washed flue gas is discharged, the carried water droplets are removed by the droplet separator and enter the desulfurization scrubber. In the scrubber, the flue gas is further scrubbed, removed by the mist eliminator at the top of the tower, enters the desulfurization scrubber, passes through the flue gas heat exchanger, and is discharged through the chimney.

The online ozone analyzer can calibrate according to the calibration time and calibration type set by the user. The result will be compared with the calibration result stored in the online ozone analyzer. If it is less than the error limit set by the user, the original calibration will be accepted and replaced If the parameter is greater than the limit set by the user, the original calibration parameter will not be replaced and an alarm signal will be output. High-precision, long-life imported electrochemical ozone sensor, automatic protection function against the impact of high-concentration gas. The imported electrochemical sensor has good anti-interference performance, the service life is as long as 3 years, the advanced microprocessor technology is adopted, the response speed is fast, the measurement accuracy is high, the stability and the repeatability are good, and the detection site has the on-site sound and light alarm function. If the concentration exceeds the standard, the alarm will be reported immediately, which is a safety guarantee for dangerous field operations.

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