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The Advantages of Electrochemical Oxygen Analyzer Compared With Other Principles are in these Points

It is well known that there are many detection principles of oxygen analyzers. The common ones are electrochemical oxygen analyzer, paramagnetic oxygen analyzer, zirconia oxygen analyzer, laser oxygen analyzer, etc., oxygen analyzers of each principle have different advantages And disadvantages, this time Aiyi Technology will introduce the advantages of electrochemical oxygen analyzer and other principles in detail.

  • The electrochemical oxygen analyzer reacts quickly, without preheating and other pretreatments, T90/7S, it only takes 10-20min to reduce 1000ppm to 1ppm
  • The electrochemical oxygen analyzer has strong anti-gas interference capability. Most gases including H2 have no effect on the fuel cell oxygen sensor. At present, only NO can cause interference to the sensor.
  • The electrochemical oxygen analyzer is resistant to acid gas corrosion. Considering that most customers may have various acid gases (CO2, H2S, Cl2, SO2, etc.) in the background gas, our ordinary sensors can deal with low-concentration acid gases. In the case of high gas concentration, an acid matrix sensor dedicated to acid gas can be provided. It can be used in all acidic gas environments except H2S.
  • The electrochemical oxygen analyzer has high precision and excellent stability. The electrochemical oxygen analyzer has good detection accuracy, especially for trace oxygen analysis and detection
  • The electrochemical oxygen analyzer is cost-effective. The electrochemical oxygen analyzer is currently a commonly used oxygen analyzer on the market. Its technology is mature, it is widely used, and its cost is relatively low. Compared with other commonly used several This principle of oxygen analyzer is cost-effective.
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