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Technical Parameters of Hydrogen Analyzer

The hydrogen analyzer uses the difference between the thermal conductivity of the component to be analyzed and the background component, and the thermal conductivity of the mixed gas changes with the change of the component to be analyzed. It is composed of a thermal conductivity gas sensor and an intelligent signal converter. The analysis instrument has the characteristics of wide measurement range, good stability and short response time, and is used for automatic analysis of hydrogen content in non-explosion-proof occasions. Hydrogen analyzer is suitable for online analysis of hydrogen content in the production process of chemical fertilizer plants, generator cooling units, cracking gas production and other industries.

  1. Measuring range: 0~100%H2
  2. Basic error: ≤2.5%FS
  3. Repeatability: ≯ basic error
  4. Lag time: T90≤20 seconds
  5. Sample gas temperature: 0~45℃
  6. Working environment temperature: -5℃~45℃
  7. Sample gas flow: 300ml/min
  8. Linear output: 4-20 m A (** load 750Ω)
  9. Calibration period: 12 months
  10. Power consumption: ≤20W
  11. Shell protection: metal shell painting
  12. Power supply voltage: 220VAC±10%
  13. Dimensions: 144×144×300 (width×height×depth)
  14. Hole size: 138×138 (width×height)
  15. 4-20MA output gear selection: Ⅰ: 0~5%, Ⅱ: 0~10%, Ⅲ: 0~30%, Ⅳ: 30~80%, Ⅴ: 0~100%H2
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