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Significance and Purpose of Infrared Gas Analyzer

The increasing pollution caused by various combustion is the core of environmental pollution in cities and suburbs. Smoke, acid rain and the increasing number of allergic patients are directly related to environmental pollution. To solve environmental pollution, we must reduce the emission of pollutants. The only way to reduce pollutants is to operate the equipment more efficiently or stop the operation of boilers that emit harmful gases. Gas analysis equipment provides a fast detection and monitoring approach to achieve the purpose of controlling pollutant emissions.

Gas analysis is an indispensable tool and means for ensuring the economical, safe combustion and management of various industrial equipment. The key is the combustion process. This covers many different ways and methods. The entire process is added from the beginning. The fuel and combustion air go to the combustion chamber, and then the actual combustion is performed until the flue gas is cleaned and the emission test is performed.

Infrared gas analyzer is designed for industrial, energy saving and environmental protection monitoring needs. Multiple smoke emission parameters can be monitored simultaneously. It is widely used in various environmental protection and energy saving monitoring departments and large energy-consuming and emission enterprises.

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