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Multifunctional Flue Gas Analyzer Improves Combustion Efficiency Better

Multifunctional flue gas analyzers are used in many large and medium-sized chemical companies. How to improve combustion efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and save energy and reduce emissions have become the development direction. Today, many iron and steel metallurgy, petrochemical and power plants have installed flue gas analyzers, which are reported to greatly improve the combustion efficiency of the production process. The multi-function flue gas analyzer is mainly used in chemical production sites to analyze the flue gas components produced in production in order to adjust the direction at any time. There are two main working methods of the multifunctional flue gas analyzer, one is electrochemical sensing, and the other is infrared sensing.

The control of combustion efficiency is indispensable for the detection of two kinds of gas, that is, the content of oxygen and carbon monoxide. The multi-functional flue gas analyzer is an instrument for extracting and sampling furnace kiln flue gas and automatically performing composition analysis. It is divided into online monitoring and Portable. Generally, it can measure and analyze the CO, O2, NOX, SO2 and other gas content in the flue gas, as well as the temperature and pressure of the flue gas, and calculate the CO2 content, excess air coefficient, flue gas dew point, combustion efficiency, exhaust heat loss, etc. Flue gas flow and other thermal parameters.

At present, the most widely used device is an infrared sensing multi-functional flue gas analyzer. It uses the absorption principle of various elements for a specific wavelength. When the measured gas enters the infrared absorption cell, it will absorb infrared light to different degrees. Calculate the gas content. The infrared sensor has the characteristics of good anti-toxicity, wide range and sensitive response.

The sensors equipped for different working modes are not the same. The electrochemical sensor is small and can be transferred to a handheld model. However, the error of this sensor is about ± 5 °. Although it meets the standard, it is relatively Worse. In addition, the electrochemical sensor is susceptible to interference from other gases, which increases the measurement error. Therefore, the electrochemical flue gas analyzer is relatively cheap. If the budget is low, this equipment can be selected, and it usually needs to be replaced in 2-3 years.

The measurement error of the infrared sensor of the multi-functional flue gas analyzer generally does not exceed ± 2 °. It is a precision analysis instrument, and the infrared measurement method is not affected by other factors. The flue gas analysis with the infrared sensor installed The instrument has a long service life, generally more than 10 years, and is very reliable. However, this kind of equipment is very expensive, generally several to ten times that of electrochemical sensors.

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