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Michell’s New Oxygen Analyzer Focuses on Measuring Boiler Combustion Efficiency

Recently, Michell Instruments announced the launch of a XZR250 oxygen analyzer for monitoring the combustion control of industrial boilers. Its research and development is to meet the customer’s control of the cost of the instrument, and the easy-to-operate probe design to deal with the high temperature in the flue. Effective combustion control is very important to operators because it not only helps improve fuel efficiency, but also ensures that their emissions comply with regulations.

The XZR250 analyzer uses a zirconium oxide sensor with a lifespan of up to 7 years (depending on the fuel used), which reduces the maintenance cost. Another key advantage of this sensor is its fast response time, with a 90% range of oxygen concentration in less than 15 seconds. At the same time, its accuracy can reach <0.25%, which can ensure combustion control.

XZR250 does not require special tools for installation, so it is easy to install; at the same time, its own control is very light and has a quick start program. The probe of the analyzer can be directly inserted into a 700°C boiler, and the Pitot tube effect is used to ensure that the sample gas is fully cooled, and the sensor can be protected from damage without a complicated sample regulator. As with any instrument, regular calibration is a necessary condition to ensure measurement accuracy. XZR250 can use air as the calibration gas, which makes the calibration cost lower and easier to operate.

The powerful sensor keeps the maintenance cost low, but when it really needs to be replaced, the analyzer can also guarantee small downtime. Michell has expanded the replacement program of universal sensors for XZR250 users. Under the implementation of this program, operators can install new sensors ordered from Michell at any time. Once installed, the old sensor can be returned to Michell in the same box, and the customer can get a credit.

Typical applications of XZR250 include oil, natural gas and biological boilers.

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