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METTLER TOLEDO’s New Online In-Situ Oxygen Analyzer Gpro500

METTLER TOLEDO introduced Gpro ™ 500, a tunable diode laser (TDL) oxygen measurement system. Gpro500 provides superior measurement performance, a simple installation process, and requires little maintenance. The TDL gas analyzer solves the various disadvantages of the pattern analysis system: first, no sampling or pretreatment device is required, and it will not be interfered by the background gas. It is suitable for environments with high moisture and dust. Second, the system has extremely low measurement drift.

Unique probe design, single-piece flange installation

METTLER TOLEDO combines TDL technology with its professional experience in industrial analysis instrument design. The innovative probe design not only provides the convenience of online sensors, but also has the superior performance of top-level analyzers.

Other TDL gas analysis systems use a double-sided installation design, meaning that the receiver must be installed opposite the laser transmitter. This will cause installation difficulties and require cumbersome regular lighting work. The GPro 500 can reflect the laser beam into the receiver in the sensor head, so there is no need to work on the light. Moreover, the laser beam passes through the air stream twice, and the optical path length is doubled, which ensures the accuracy of oxygen measurement.

Intelligent diagnosis technology

METTLER TOLEDO’s Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) technology implements the GPro 500 pre-diagnosis function, which can continuously evaluate the optical path quality and prompt you when cleaning is needed before affecting the measurement effect.

Except for the annual verification and occasional cleaning of optical components, there is almost no other maintenance work. GPro 500 provides you with real-time, continuous and accurate oxygen measurement results to escort the process safety.

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About METTLER TOLEDO process analysis

METTLER TOLEDO process analysis provides a wide range of pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, gas phase oxygen, carbon dioxide, conductivity, TOC and turbidity sensors, transmitters and cleaning systems, for your liquid process analysis, pure water ultrapure Water monitoring provides complete, accurate and reliable solutions. METTLER TOLEDO also provides customers with a full range of global service management, including calibration services, performance testing, installation and operation certification, and technical training.

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