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Measurement Steps of Hydrogen Sulfide Detector

(1) Measurement basis: JJG695-2003 “Verification Regulations for Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector”.


(2) Environmental conditions for hydrogen sulfide detector measurement: temperature (0-40) ℃; relative humidity not more than 85%; good ventilation, no interference with the measured component.


(3) Measurement standard: The extended uncertainty of the measured gas is ≤1.5% (k=2).


(4) The hydrogen sulfide detector is tested: the hydrogen sulfide gas detector, the maximum allowable indication error is ±5&TImes;10-6, and the range is (0~100) ppm.


(5) Measuring method of hydrogen sulfide detector: pass in a certain concentration of standard gas, read the value of the measured instrument after balance, repeat the measurement 3 times, the difference between the arithmetic average of 3 times and the actual value of the standard gas, namely It is the indication error of the hydrogen sulfide gas detector.


(6) Use of evaluation results: The measurement results that meet the above conditions can generally refer to the evaluation results of this uncertainty.


Hydrogen sulfide detector instructions


1: The use environment of the hydrogen sulfide detector must be normal temperature, normal humidity, and normal pressure; too high temperature and high humidity will damage the instrument.


2: Prevent the instrument from falling from a height.


3: Please operate and use strictly in accordance with the instructions, otherwise it may cause inaccurate test results or damage the instrument.


4: The hydrogen sulfide detector shall not be stored in an environment containing corrosive gas.


5: If there is dirt on the surface of the instrument after long time use, please wipe it gently with a clean soft cloth dipped in water. Do not wipe the instrument with corrosive or hard objects, otherwise it may cause scratches or damage to the surface of the instrument.

6: The instrument must be off when charging.

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