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Maintenance of Calorific Value Analyzer

After the test every day, the following inspection and maintenance should be carried out frequently, so that the calorific value analyzer can always maintain a good working condition and can extend the service life

  1. Oxygen bomb: In addition to cleaning and drying the oxygen bomb after each test, the following points should also be noted and checked:

(1) The oxygen bomb can only be twisted by hand. When the hand feels resistance, it should be stopped. The calorific value analyzer should not be hard-tightened with tools. After the test every day, it should be cleaned once.

(2) The bullet cap and valve seat should be rinsed and dried after use.

(3) Rinse the bullet cup, scrub the threads, and check the bullet cup for mechanical damage. Be careful not to turn the cartridge upside down.

(4) Check whether the sealing ring is worn or damaged during combustion. If the seal is not tight and there is air leakage, it should be replaced.

(5) Check whether the insulation pads and insulation sleeves are in good condition, and whether they are damaged or not. The insulation performance can be checked regularly.  (6) Periodically conduct a 20.0Mpa hydrostatic test on the oxygen bomb. After each hydrostatic test, the oxygen bomb should not be used for more than one year (or no more than 5000 tests).

  1. Calorimetry cylinder: after the test, the water in the cylinder should be discharged to the outer cylinder, dried and kept clean. 3. Test water: *Pure water is good, and it should be replaced regularly to ensure the reliability and success rate of the test.
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