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Main Points of Installation of Oxygen Analyzer

The oxygen analyzer is an excellent oxygen analysis product. It has built-in precision flowmeters, can monitor gas temperature and pressure and other parameters, and is beautiful and elegant. The operation and use are very convenient. Thanks to the high-performance original imported sensors, the whole machine maintains a consistent high The advantages of accuracy, high stability, long life, etc., once promoted, have been widely recognized and praised by users.

The flue gas temperature at the installation point should meet the requirement of less than 700℃. Generally speaking, the flue gas temperature is low, the oxygen analyzer has a long service life, the flue gas temperature is high, and the service life is short. The detector can not be installed in the dead corner where the flue gas does not flow, nor can it be installed in the place where the flue gas flows quickly (such as in the expansion cavity of some bypass air channels). In addition, the flue gas leakage is required to be small, and the detector is easy to install and maintain. For small and medium-sized boilers, it is recommended to install the superheater in front of the economizer, because the flow of flue gas from the boiler system from the furnace to the steam drum, after the superheater, save The coal device and air preheater are discharged from the chimney by the induced draft fan after recycling treatment. If the measuring point is too close to the outlet of the flue gas furnace, the temperature will be too high and the flow rate will be faster, which will cause erosion and corrosion to the stainless steel shell of the detector, reducing the service life; if the measuring point is too biased, due to air leakage in the flue system, This will cause the oxygen value at the measuring point to be too high, which cannot faithfully reflect the oxygen content of the flue gas in the furnace.

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