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Learn How the Portable Infrared Gas Analyzer Works

Portable infrared gas analyzer belongs to non-spectral infrared gas analyzer. Its working principle is based on the selective absorption of infrared rays by certain gases. A new intelligent industrial on-line analyzer using a single light source, a single-tube semi-gas chamber, an advanced series thin-film micro-tone detector, and a new type of microcomputer single-chip microcomputer technology.

Gas industry terminology. The vibration and rotation spectra of most gas molecules are in the infrared band. When the frequency of the incident infrared radiation is the same as the characteristic frequency of the vibrational rotation of the molecules, the infrared radiation will be absorbed by the gas molecules, causing the attenuation of the radiation intensity. An infrared gas analyzer made using the principle of absorption of infrared radiation by this gas molecule has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast speed, and continuous measurement. It is a portable infrared gas in industrial sectors such as steel, petrochemicals, fertilizers, and machinery The analyzer is an important monitoring method for production process control; it also has many successful applications in environmental pollution component detection and medical physiology research.

Working principle of portable infrared gas analyzer

Based on the selective absorption of infrared by some gases. Infrared analyzer commonly used infrared wavelength is 2 ~ 12m. Simply put, the gas to be measured is continuously passed through a container of a certain length and volume, and a beam of infrared light is incident from one of the two end faces that can transmit light, and then the infrared radiation intensity is measured at the other end face. , Then according to the absorption of infrared light and the concentration of the light-absorbing substance is directly proportional to the concentration of the gas under test. The instrument uses a single light source, a single-tube semi-air-chamber, and an advanced detector, with high process and analysis accuracy and good stability. Adopt advanced digital processing technology, brand new LCD display screen.

Lambert-Beer’s law-its physical meaning is that when a beam of parallel monochromatic light passes vertically through a uniform non-scattering light-absorbing substance, its absorbance is proportional to the concentration of the light-absorbing substance and the thickness of the absorption layer. This is the measurement basis of the infrared gas analyzer.

Application range of portable infrared gas analyzer

The infrared gas analyzer is used to continuously analyze the content of a gas such as CO, CO2, SO2, CH4, NH3 in a variety of gas mixtures.

Environmental monitoring for atmospheric and pollution source emissions

Used for industrial process control in petroleum, chemical, power stations, etc.

Used in agriculture, medical health and scientific research

Determination of gas content in various laboratory combustion tests

Air monitoring for public places

Product Features of Portable Infrared Gas Analyzer

Using the original imported infrared sensor from German Hack company, with long life, high sensitivity and fast response speed, it comes with a precision filter, which greatly extends the sensor life.

The instrument uses a high-performance embedded integrated touch, which can simultaneously display measurement values, historical curves, ranges, states, and various parameter setting interfaces. All Chinese can touch the menu or remote control to configure, calibrate, and test various instrument parameters. History records and curves can be set according to time.

Control contact output, self-limiting alarm (buzzer) when the limit is exceeded, and control mode can be set at will, standard (4-20) mA current output.

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