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Inventory the Characteristics of Portable VOC Gas Analyzers!

What are the characteristics of VOC gas analyzer? VOC is a volatile organic compound that has a huge impact on human health. When the VOC in the room reaches a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc. in a short period of time. In severe cases, twitching and coma will occur, and it will hurt people’s liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system, causing memory Serious consequences such as regression.

Features of portable VOC gas analyzer:

1.Adopts the advanced 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet communication interface and built-in IP protocol stack, so that the portable VOC analyzer can easily achieve long-distance data transmission through the internal LAN and Internet of the enterprise; it is convenient to set up the laboratory Simplified the configuration of the laboratory and facilitated the management of analytical data;

  1. Three independent connection processes are designed inside the portable VOC gas analyzer, which can be connected to local processing (laboratory site), unit supervisors (such as the chief of quality inspection department, production plant director, etc.), and superior supervisors (such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Technical Supervision Bureau, etc.), can easily enable the unit supervisor and superior supervisor to monitor the operation of the portable VOC analyzer and analyze the data results in real time;
  2. The network version workstation equipped with the portable VOC gas analyzer can support multiple chromatographs (253 units) at the same time, realize data processing and anti-control, simplify document management, and reduce the user’s laboratory investment and operating costs;
  3. The portable VOC gas analyzer can be connected to the manufacturer via the Internet to implement remote diagnosis, remote program update, etc. (subject to user permission);
  4. The portable VOC gas analyzer can be equipped with a 5.7-inch color LCD screen or color touch screen to meet different user needs;
  5. The system has 2 sets of Chinese and English operating systems, which can be switched freely;
  6. The temperature control area, electronic flow controller (EFC), and electronic pressure controller (EPC) can be freely named by users, which is convenient for users to use (optional);
  7. The portable gas VOC analyzer adopts multi-processor parallel working mode, which makes the portable VOC analyzer more stable and reliable; it can meet the analysis of complex samples, and can be equipped with multiple high-performance detector options, such as FID, TCD, ECD, FPD And NPD, up to four detectors can be installed simultaneously. Additional detectors can also be used, and other detectors can be purchased and installed conveniently after the portable VOC analyzer is purchased;
  8. The portable VOC gas analyzer adopts a modular structure design, which is clear in design, easy to replace and upgrade, and protects the effectiveness of investment;
  9. The new microcomputer temperature control system has high temperature control accuracy, superior reliability and anti-interference performance; it has a six-way completely independent temperature control system, which can achieve sixteen-stage program temperature rise, making the equipment capable of larger range of sample analysis ; With an automatic rear door opening system for the oven, the accuracy of low temperature control is improved, and the temperature rise / fall speed is faster;
  10. The portable VOC gas analyzer can be optionally equipped with advanced electronic flow controller (EFC) and electronic pressure controller (EPC) to achieve digital control, which can greatly improve the reproducibility of qualitative and quantitative results;
  11. The portable VOC gas analyzer is designed with a self-starting program at regular intervals, which can easily complete the online analysis of gas samples (requires online automatic sampling components);
  12. The operating system of the machine control keyboard is simple and convenient to operate; and the automatic detection technology of the detector is designed; it has the functions of fault diagnosis and power failure data protection, and can automatically remember the setting parameters;
  13. The machine has built-in low-noise, high-resolution 24-bit AD circuit, and has the functions of baseline storage and baseline subtraction.
  14. Spectrum signal and data processing, suitable for WinXP, Win2000, Windows7 and other operating systems. Sampling data is read from CDF files that meet the A / A (American Analytical Society) standards, which can be connected to chromatography workstations such as Agilent and Waters.
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