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Introduction of Infrared Gas Analyzer

Gas industry terminology. The vibration and rotation spectra of most gas molecules are in the infrared band. When the frequency of the incident infrared radiation is the same as the characteristic frequency of the vibrational rotation of the molecules, the infrared radiation will be absorbed by the gas molecules, causing the attenuation of the radiation intensity. The infrared gas analyzer made by the principle of absorption of infrared radiation by this gas molecule has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, fast speed and continuous measurement. In the steel, petrochemical, chemical fertilizer, machinery and other industrial sectors, infrared gas analysis Instrument is an important monitoring method for production process control; it also has many successful applications in environmental pollution component detection and medical physiology research.

Features of infrared gas analyzer:

Can be automatically adjusted according to the surrounding air (depending on the measured component)

High efficiency does not require calibration gas and accessories.

The multi-layer inspection guarantees high sensitivity and small lateral sensitivity.

The sampling unit is easy to clean and reduces maintenance costs.

User-friendly WINCE operating system, automatic data storage.

Open interface structure (RS232, LAN, Internet).

Internet remote control of the whole machine

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