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Installation and Maintenance Effect of The Probe of Zirconia Oxygen Content Gas Analyzer

  1. Where to use the probe of zirconia oxygen content gas analyzer

The sensor is suitable for furnaces and flues that require heating and combustion of coal and oil in boilers, kilns, petroleum, chemical, power plants, etc. The oxygen content measurement can accurately and quickly reflect the real-time oxygen content during furnace combustion. It can timely and effectively control the flue baffle, throttle, dampers, etc., which has obvious effects on improving combustion heat efficiency, saving energy and reducing pollution. The flue at the insertion point of the zirconia probe must be under negative pressure, because the reference gas of the zirconia probe is air, which flows naturally, and the flue must be under negative pressure so that the air can be sucked into the probe to generate an electric potential.

  1. Design location and quantity

The oxygen content is an important parameter for the boiler to achieve economical combustion, so accurate measurement is required. In fact, the amount of oxygen in different positions of the boiler is different, so a boiler should be designed with 2 to 4 oxygen analyzers. Generally, 4 boilers should be designed for thermal control automation. For boilers that have not yet realized thermal control automation, there are 2 boilers on the left and right for the design of boilers below 670t/h

  1. the choice of installation location

The probe itself is heated to 700°C by the analyzer. However, it has been proved through practice that too high a smoke-lighting temperature will shorten the service life of the probe, and the flue gas will cause large fluctuations in oxygen; if the smoke-lighting temperature is too low, it will Causing low-temperature corrosion (SO2 and SO3 steam) will also shorten the life of the probe, which is generally located between the economizer and the induced draft fan. In addition, the installation point requires good flue gas flow for easy operation. Never choose the location of the installation point at the blind spot and the flue necking. At the same time, the location of the installation point should be considered where there is little moisture and dust.

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