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Hydrogen Analyzer Application and Environmental Requirements

Hydrogen analyzers are widely used, but they must also pay attention to the requirements of their environment.

Use environment:

Ambient temperature: (5~45)℃

Environmental humidity: ≤80%

Air velocity: ≤0.5m/s

Working environment: No strong magnetic field, strong electric field interference, no strong corrosive gas, no strong mechanical vibration, avoid direct sunlight.

Working position: The instrument is placed horizontally.

Application range:

The hydrogen analyzer is suitable for use in the following fields:

Measurement of H2 content in ammonia synthesis gas;

H2 purity measurement in hydrogenation unit;

Measurement of O2 in **2 and H2 in pure O2 during the production of hydrogen and oxygen by electrolyzed water;

Measurement of H2 in Cl2 in the production process of chlorine gas;

Measurement of H2 content in hydrocarbon gas;

Monitoring of H2 content in hydrogen-cooled generating units;

Analysis of the percentage of H2 in the fresh gas and circulating gas in the nitrogen synthesis process of nitrogen fertilizer in fertilizer plant;

Nuclear power plant monitoring of hydrogen leakage in containment and monitoring of hydrogen concentration in hydrogen cooling systems;

Determination of gas content in various combustion tests in the laboratory;

Analysis of hydrogen purity in gas stations or other gases.

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