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How to Use Biogas Analyzer?

  1. Open

The following inspections and operations should be performed before using the instrument:

This instrument is an optical measuring instrument, and the damage to the instrument by dust and moisture in the biogas should be strictly controlled; the sampling head provided by the manufacturer should be connected to the sampling pipeline before measurement, and the user can add a dewatering or dust removal device if necessary;

Connect the sampling line to the air inlet to ensure a tight connection and no leakage;

Make sure the meter battery has sufficient power, or remove the battery and connect the power adapter.

The sampling head can be connected to a biogas tube with an inner diameter of 8-10, and the outlet is connected to the analyzer with a 4 × 6mm diameter tube. When using the analyzer, keep the analyzer level higher than the sampling head to prevent water from being drawn into the meter, water or foreign matter, stop sampling immediately to avoid damage to the instrument caused by standing water or solid pollutants. If the moisture in the biogas is high, an additional dewatering filter can be connected in series to the sampling line. The user should ensure that the sampling head is connected to the front of the instrument during use to avoid damage to the instrument due to pollution, and the sampling head should be cleaned regularly.

Continue to press the power switch of the meter for about 2 seconds, the screen will immediately display the preheat interface;

The warm-up process lasts for 30 seconds, the meter automatically enters the standby state; the screen displays the standby interface. At this time, the measurement can be started by feeding the sample gas through the external biogas pressure or the sampling gas pump.

  1. Shut down

The meter must be turned off in standby mode. To turn off the meter, press and hold the meter power switch for about 5 seconds.

Before shutting down, clean air should be drawn to ensure that the residual gas is evacuated, and measurement deviation caused by residual gas or dust adsorption should be avoided.

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