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How to Choose High Efficiency Air Filter in Junior High School for Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer Processing Unit

How to choose a junior high-efficiency air filter for an air handling unit? The fresh air unit mainly deals with the state points of the outdoor fresh air, while the air filter processing unit mainly deals with the state of the indoor circulating air. Compared with fan coil plus fresh air system and unitary air conditioner, it has the advantages of large air volume, high air quality, energy saving, etc. It is especially suitable for large space and adult flow systems such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, and airports. A good air handling unit should have the characteristics of less space, multiple functions, low noise, low energy consumption, beautiful appearance, and convenient installation and maintenance. However, due to its multiple functional segments and complex structure, it is necessary to take care of the other without losing the other, and it requires the designer and the construction unit to compare materials, manufacturing processes, structural characteristics, and selection calculations in order to obtain More satisfactory results.

Air handling unit (AHU) is mainly used to adjust indoor air temperature, humidity and cleanliness equipment. There are air heaters, air coolers, air humidifiers to meet the needs of heat and humidity treatment, air filters for purifying air, mixing boxes for adjusting fresh air and return air, and mufflers for reducing ventilator noise. The air handling units are equipped with fans. According to the needs of air conditioning throughout the year, the unit can be equipped with an automatic adjustment system connected to the cold and heat sources. A series of stereotyped products can be made by the factory, and the air filter forms a processing section of various capacities and functions, which are selected by designers and assembled on site. Generally, the capacity is large (air volume is greater than 5000 cubic meters/hour), so there is no independent cold and heat source.

The air used in a comfortable air-conditioning environment has a certain need for the dust volume of the junior high efficiency air filter containing the processing unit. Generally, it is stipulated that the indoor dust concentration is 0.15~0.25mg/m3, and dust particles ≥10μm should be filtered out. The filter section of the air filter of this type of air handling unit only needs to be equipped with coarse and medium efficiency filters. For the above-mentioned special industries, high-efficiency filters are required to achieve ultra-clean purification. This type of purification needs very high. The concentration of indoor air dust is expressed in particle count concentration (particles/L).

easy maintenance

How to choose a junior high efficiency air filter for air handling units? Usually the air filter is selected as:

Primary efficiency filter G3; medium efficiency bag filter F5, F6; medium and high efficiency air filter F7, F8; sub-high efficiency air filter F9, H10 gas analyzer processing unit how to choose junior high efficiency air filter?

Structural characteristics: <1>OF adopts external slide way installation and does not occupy the section length separately <2>The built-in PF primary effect filter adopts slide way installation, the section length is 1M. <3> BF and HF adopt frame box installation; fastening methods are divided into: clamp and bolt.

filters are divided into: primary filter (usually called G-level), medium-efficiency filter (usually called F-level), high efficiency filter

The primary filter is divided into: G1\ G2\ G3 \G4 (G4 is the primary filter with the highest filtering effect, the others are arranged in order)

The medium-efficiency filter is divided into: F5\ F6\ F7\F8\ (F8 is the medium-efficiency filter with the highest filtering effect, the others are arranged in order)

HEPA filters are divided into: 300,000-level filtration\100,000-level filtration\100-level filtration (a hundred-level filtration is a high-efficiency filtration effect*

High, the others are arranged in order)

The mainstream filters in the market are: non-woven filter \ belt filter \ metal filter \ paper filter \ nylon mesh filter \ glass fiber filter \ 3M filter (a low Resistance, high efficiency and energy saving air filter)

Dust in the air has an impact on human health and product quality, especially in some special industries, such as precision instruments, electronics, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, etc., which require extremely high air cleanliness. This needs to be selected according to the needs of different industries.

As mentioned above, how to choose junior high-efficiency air filters for air handling units is mostly used in applications where the system air volume is large (usually above 10,000m3/h), so the overall dimensions are often large. In modern buildings, due to the investment and function limitations of the developer or the owner, the size of the computer room is often compressed to a small size, which easily causes the surface cooler, filter and other parts that require daily maintenance and cleaning due to too small space. Unable to extract or difficult to extract. After some buildings are completed, the originally reserved equipment maintenance channel is occupied, and the equipment needs to be replaced or repaired.

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