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Functional Characteristics of Hydrogen Analyzer

Hydrogen analyzer is a thermal conductivity gas analyzer. This series of hydrogen analyzers use the principle of thermal conductivity to determine the composition of a gas according to its thermal conductivity. That is, the relative thermal conductivity of the measured gas is used to determine the hydrogen content of the mixed gas. content.

The sensor has a unique design, constant temperature control, fast response, good linearity and high stability; using a combination of microprocessor, analog/digital signal processing, the hydrogen analyzer is accurate, stable and reliable; modular design, simple maintenance; standard 19″ Chassis; 320*240 large-screen LCD display, LCD contrast can be set; full Chinese menu operation, membrane keys, 6-key design, simple and efficient operation; RS232\RS485 digital communication function; isolated (0/2/ 4-20) mA signal, current output load ≤400Ω, and two-way software adjustable; 2-channel isolated alarm state output signal, the output port (4-channel port) can be arbitrarily set; the measured value can be saved during the calibration process; The digital background gas compensation and temperature compensation functions can be realized; the initialization function can restore the factory settings.

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