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Features and Main Uses of Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer

Thermal conductivity gas analyzer is a physical gas analyzer. It is based on the principle that different gases have different thermal conductivity, and calculates the content of certain components by measuring the thermal conductivity of the mixed gas. This kind of instrument is simple and reliable, and it is suitable for many kinds of gases. It is a basic analysis instrument.

Features of thermal conductivity gas analyzer:

Clear and easy to see large LCD display.

Can communicate with computer.

Small panel mounting structure.

Automatic calibration function of zero point and full scale point (optional accessory).

Compensation calculations can be performed on the interference effects of other gases (optional).

Gas concentration alarm output (optional accessory)

You can choose one of the output of upper and lower limit alarm, upper and upper limit alarm, and lower and lower limit alarm output.

Range switching (optional accessory)

Switching method by front keyboard operation or by external contact input. Turndown ratio: The maximum measurement of H2, He is 1:10, and the maximum measurement of Ar, CH4, CO2 is 1:5.

Linearization of measurement output signal (optional accessory)

The thermal conductivity gas analyzer has a wide range of applications. In addition to the analysis of hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and low-concentration flammable gas content, it can also be used as a detector in a chromatographic analyzer to analyze other components. For example:

H2 gas concentration measurement of semiconductor devices

H2 gas concentration measurement of hydrogen generator

H2 gas concentration measurement in sintering furnace

Concentration measurement of Ar, He, CH4 in gas generating equipment

He gas concentration measurement of superconducting device

Ar gas concentration measurement in air separation equipment

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