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Features and Detection Process of Gas Analyzer

The gas analyzer adopts a professional structure design and is equipped with a high-precision sensor. It can accurately and conveniently determine the O2 content in hollow packaging containers such as sealed packaging bags, bottles, cans, and can also perform CO2 testing through optional test accessories. It is suitable for quickly and accurately evaluating the content and ratio of O2 and CO2 in the gas in production lines, warehouses, laboratories and other occasions to guide production.

Characteristics of gas analyzer:

1. Automatic data recording can save labor time and paperwork

2. Hand-held design, one-handed operation, light and easy to carry, suitable for production site testing

3. Easily transfer quality control data to computer software or third-party software

4. Reliable quality control of modified atmosphere products

5. Quick-plug sampling needle protective sleeve to ensure test safety

6. ​​The built-in data storage can reach thousands, meeting the needs of large data storage

7, color display with touch function

8. It can be used for oxygen or oxygen/carbon dioxide combined measurement

9. Data transfer via Ethernet and USB

10, optional wireless micro printer

The detection process of the headspace gas analyzer:

(1) Sample preparation: In a standard environment, place a sample that has no obvious defects, leaks, and is well-sealed in a desiccator for more than 2 days. For the number of samples, take the average value of the test as the test result.

(2) Sample handling: Attach the gasket to the part to be tested on the sample, and pay attention to it firmly to prevent air leakage.

(3) Turn on the power of the instrument to warm up the instrument.

(4) Insert the sampling needle into the sample. After the sample is placed stably, pierce the sampling needle through the middle part of the gasket and enter the inside of the sample, but avoid the sampling needle sticking to the contents of the package and causing the needle to block or break.

(5) Set test parameters, such as test time, gas collection volume, etc.

(6) After clicking to start the test, the sampler will automatically collect a sufficient volume of sample gas from the inside of the sample.

(7) The sample gas will automatically enter the gas analysis sensor through the sample injection port and pipeline.

(8) Test data are recorded after a certain interval of test time or after the gas concentration value output by the gas analysis sensor becomes stable.

(9) Turn off the power of the instrument.

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