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Explanation of The Common Application of Oxygen Analyzer and Welding Technology

The oxygen analyzer uses imported fuel cell sensors, which have the characteristics of long life, high accuracy, and fast response, and are not interfered by other gas components. Automatic temperature compensation, eliminating the influence of ambient temperature, optional precision filter. Dot matrix OLED liquid crystal display, which can simultaneously display parameters such as oxygen content, date, time, and internal temperature of the instrument. Timing automatic storage function, you can view the stored data at any time. The alarm point can be set arbitrarily within the full range. AC and DC power supply, flexible to use, the battery can work continuously for about 10 hours at a time; the battery voltage is low and automatically alarms, which can be used for rapid detection of trace oxygen in high-purity hydrogen and other reducing gases.

The application of oxygen analyzer in welding process:

High productivity and economy are the significant advantages of metal active gas shielded welding, making it one of the widely used welding techniques. Through a wire feeding device, the welding wire is fed to the workpiece as a filler material and is melted in the arc. The shielding gas flows around the welding wire to protect the arc from the surrounding air. And as the protective gas is used reactive gas.

A mixture of argon or helium is used in welding, and active gases such as carbon dioxide or oxygen are added. In addition to protecting the molten pool from the surrounding air, various mixed gases will also affect the characteristics of the material connection, the stability of the arc, the penetration depth, the fluidity of the molten pool, the edge wettability, and the generation of smoke and pollutants.

In order to make better use of the physical and chemical properties of the gas developed by welding, all parameters must be optimally adjusted to each other. The oxygen analyzer can help you select gas and adjust process parameters to ensure the purity of the gas and meet your welding process.

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