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Do You Know about Electrochemical Oxygen Analyzer?

The electrochemical oxygen analyzer is an instrument that uses electrochemical methods to automatically and continuously measure the components of the measured medium. The electrochemical oxygen sensor is used to detect oxygen. The detection signal converter is an intelligent instrument with a new type of microcomputer as the core. Most of the functions of the instrument are realized through software, and it is especially suitable for the concentration of trace oxygen in reducing gases and combustible gases. Online analysis. Its working principle is:

The electrochemical sensor has a silver/gold cathode with a lead anode and a special alkaline (acid) electrolyte. The composition of the lead-oxygen battery: oxygen molecules diffuse into the electrochemical cell through the non-porous polytetrafluoroethylene film and are reduced on the gold electrode. The current between the electrodes is proportional to the oxygen concentration in the measured gas. The signal is detected as The terminal voltage of the resistor and the electric heater is used for temperature compensation. The output electrical signal data represents the oxygen concentration value of the measured component, and the mathematical curve is used for quantitative analysis.

The electrochemical oxygen analyzer has the advantages of automatic temperature and humidity compensation, high measurement accuracy, good stability, strong anti-interference ability, small size, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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