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Characteristics of Calorific Value Analyzer

  1. The calorific value analyzer uses a superior single-chip microcomputer system to realize automatic control of the instrument’s stirring, ignition, data collection, processing and storage, display and operation guidance, whistle prompt and alarm, and printout. It has the features of complete functions, accurate measurement, intuitive display, easy operation, high efficiency and durability, and convenient maintenance.
  2. Adopt imported first-class large-scale integrated AD devices to achieve dual-channel high-speed and high-precision temperature measurement. In the same grade calorimeter, it realizes two-channel high-precision temperature measurement for the first time, making the operation easier and more accurate.
  3. The calorific value analyzer adopts a large-size graphic LCD screen to display various states, data and graphics of the instrument. Chinese menu operation interface, intuitive, friendly, easy to learn and use. In the calorimeter of the same grade, the temperature curve of the test process is displayed for the first time, which is vivid and intuitive.
  4. A panel printer is used to output various reports. The print format allows users to customize, simple or complex, set at any time.
  5. Adopt superior real-time clock circuit. The current date and time can be displayed on the screen at any time. The test completion time is automatically recorded during the test and printed on the report to make the test report more time-sensitive. The date of the last calibration of the instrument can be recorded for a long time, in order to confirm the date of the next calibration of the instrument. The clock circuit normally clocks during a power outage.
  6. A perfect data processing system, the data of the calibration instrument is automatically averaged, and the discrete data is automatically eliminated. The parameters of the calorific value analyzer can be stored for a long time, and will not be lost when the power is turned off. It can be modified at any time as needed.
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