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Car Exhaust Gas Analyzer Detects the Execution of Gas to Enhance Environmental Awareness

Automobile exhaust gas analyzer Automobile exhaust pollutants: Gasoline is a conventional fuel commonly used in automobiles (ignition engines). Its composition is very complex, mainly including 20% ​​butane, pentane, 45% high-carbon alkane, olefins, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Among other additives, the hydrogen-carbon ratio is controlled at about 1.85: 1, and the explosion resistance is measured by octane number. Theoretically, the explosion resistance of n-heptane is poor (0%), and the isooctane is high (100%). The harmful gases produced by the combustion of gasoline in the engine are mainly CO, HC, NOX, etc. CO is the product of incomplete combustion, caused by uneven fuel mixture or low gas temperature; about 100 ~ 200 components of HC are also caused by incomplete combustion It is not an unburned fuel but a combustion by-product, mainly including alkanes such as methyl and ethane, olefins, and aromatic hydrocarbons; 90% of NOX is NO, which is caused by the combustion of fuel at 1600 ° C. At idle, even in high-idle conditions in the dual-idle test, NO is not high (only a few hundred ppm), and it is only meaningful to monitor the concentration of NO under the Accelerated Simulation Power Method (ASM) condition (thousands of ppm).

In addition, the addition of oxygen compounds (methanol, ethanol) to gasoline will also increase its emissions. As global environmental awareness increases, more and more countries are beginning to use alternative fuels to reduce emissions, such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and alcohol (ethanol). Natural gas contains 85% to 99% of methane, and emissions are 90% lower than non-methane HC, 20% to 80% lower, and NOXzui 60% lower than gasoline, but methane is 9 times higher (incomplete combustion). Others have Poisons such as benzene are much lower than those of gasoline. Due to the low carbon content, CO2 emissions are much less, which can be regarded as a real clean fuel. The emissions of vehicles using petroleum gas are similar to those of using natural gas. CO is very low, HC is medium, and NOX is similar to gasoline vehicles. Although emissions are slightly inferior to natural gas, they are widely used.

Automobile exhaust gas analyzer uses alcohol (ethanol) as fuel. Compared with gasoline vehicles, its CO emissions are 20% -30% lower, NOX is 15% lower, toxic substances such as benzene are much lower, and unburned ethanol and acetaldehyde are higher. More than ten times, of course, this can be reduced by the catalyst. Cars emit a large amount of pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, etc., which will cause a series of serious adverse effects on the surrounding environment and human health. , Dizziness, slow response, severe cases make people nervous function decline, difficulty breathing, until death. Hydrocarbons (HC) have a direct impact on human health, can lead to weakened bone marrow function, cause anemia, and also contain carcinogens such as benzene, which is also harmful to plants.

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