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Briefly on the Methods to Ensure the Normal Use of The Online Trace Oxygen Analyzer

The design of the online trace oxygen analyzer is based on the principle of electrochemical detection. The sensor is composed of silver-lead electrodes to form an analysis cell. The oxygen in the measured gas diffuses to the surface of the electrode through permeation, and redox reaction occurs, which generates electronic gains and losses, forming a current , The number of electron gains and losses is proportional to the oxygen concentration. Only by detecting the current value of the measured gas, the concentration value of the measured gas can be known.

Online trace oxygen analyzer adopts high-performance electrochemical gas sensor and microprocessor technology, with digital display, upper and lower limit alarm, standard signal output and relay contact alarm output functions. It has the advantages of high resolution, small long-term drift, long life, fast response and recovery time, clear and easy-to-see large LCD display, good versatility, small panel installation structure, and no maintenance.

This product can quickly analyze oxygen in the range of 0ppm-100% through a zirconia sensor. The equipment is also equipped with a 2 meter long power cord, which can be extended to 30 meters if necessary. This equipment can provide continuous online oxygen analysis. When the gas composition changes by 90%, the typical reaction time is less than 4 seconds.

The following is an introduction to the precautions of the online trace oxygen analyzer:

1. When the four-way valve is switched between the “Purge” gear and the “Test” gear, it must be switched quickly, otherwise it will cause a certain degree of damage to the instrument.

2. The instrument should not be immersed in any liquid, and be careful that liquid or solid is transferred into the analyzer.

3. The instrument has been strictly inspected and calibrated before leaving the factory, and the parameters have been set in the software. If there is no abnormal phenomenon, do not adjust by yourself, otherwise it will affect the measurement result to a certain extent.

4. Do not pull the switch box valve of the instrument forcefully.

5. Ensure that the gas entering the instrument is not corrosive.

6. The white round object in the air inlet is a filter and cannot be discarded.

7. The air outlet must be open to the atmosphere, and it is strictly forbidden to block it, otherwise the sensor will be permanently damaged.

8. When the instrument has an unexpected error that causes the instrument program to run away or crash, press the forced shutdown button to turn off the analyzer, and then click the power button on the front panel to restore the instrument to normal.

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