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Automatic Production Line of Lithium Battery with High Production Efficiency

Lithium batteries refer to batteries containing lithium (including metallic lithium, lithium alloys, lithium ions, and lithium polymers) in the electrochemical system. Lithium batteries can be roughly divided into two categories: lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries do not contain metallic lithium and are rechargeable. In the past, because the chemical properties of lithium metal are very active, the processing, storage, and use, and the environmental requirements are very high, so lithium batteries have not been used for a long time. With the development of modern science, lithium batteries have now become the mainstream and have been widely used in my country’s new energy vehicles, grid energy storage, special vehicles, communication base stations and other fields.

In the field of new energy vehicles, in order to ensure the safety of lithium battery modules and the smooth assembly of battery modules and battery boxes, higher requirements are put forward on the structure and quality of the battery boxes. How to produce lithium batteries that can guarantee the safety of lithium batteries At the same time, a battery box that is easy to process and make and easy to assemble is one of the main problems that many manufacturers are committed to solving.

The automatic lithium battery production line can realize automatic scanning-injection-weighing-replenishment-sealing operations in the super clean glove box, realizing high-efficiency and completely unmanned automatic production, greatly saving labor costs, and greatly improving productivity, product quality and finished products Rate, maximize the benefits for customers.

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