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Application of Portable Infrared Biogas Analysis Instrument in Rural Biogas

Common problems of rural biogas

  1. Build a new biogas digester, and the water level in the water pressure chamber of the biogas digester will drop after feeding.

When the newly built biogas digester passes the water pressure test after adding the raw materials, the common problem is that the water column drops after the water column rises to a certain height. There are three situations in the descending process of the water column. One is that the descending speed of the water column is fast and then slow. This may be a problem. The inner wall of the biogas digester or the ground leaks and leaks; the second is that the descending speed of the water column is uniformly lowered, which may be a problem. It is the air leakage of the patio cover, and the negative pressure after the water column drops below the water pressure, which indicates that the biogas digester has serious water leakage.

  1. Gas production started to be normal, but suddenly dropped significantly

After the newly built biogas digester was put in, the gas production was normal at the beginning, and the biogas stove could be ignited and used normally. After a period of time, the gas production decreased significantly, and the gas production was even insufficient for use. There may be two main situations: 1. There is too much fermentation raw material liquid in the biogas digester, which makes the effective gas tank volume of the biogas digester smaller, and there is not enough space to accommodate the existence of the biogas; 2. The top of the biogas digester patio cover or gas pipeline There is a leak, and the gas leaks.

  1. The pressure is normal, but the stove cannot ignite normally

After the biogas is fed, it enters the use stage. The gas pressure gauge on the pipeline shows that there is a certain air pressure, but when using biogas, the stove does not catch fire. This phenomenon may also occur in two situations: 1. There is a problem with the biogas stove; 2. The content of methane in the biogas is low.

  1. No pressure or low pressure

If the pressure is low or there is no pressure and the biogas cannot be used normally, it means that the biogas digester cannot produce gas normally. There are three main reasons: 1. The pH of the fermentation environment in the biogas digester is slightly acidic; 2. The pH of the fermentation environment in the biogas digester is too alkaline; 3. Toxic substances appear in the biogas digester, which kills anaerobic fermentation. The above three conditions will cause the biogas digester to not produce gas normally.

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