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Application of Oxygen Analyzer in Industrial Combustion Furnace

The application fields of oxygen analyzers are relatively wide. Oxygen analyzers are used in industrial sites such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. In fact, oxygen analyzers can also be used in related processes of industrial furnaces, and under normal circumstances, due to the normal operating environment An explosion-proof oxygen analyzer will be used. Its principle uses an electrochemical oxygen sensor, which is small in size, light in weight, simple to operate, and easy to maintain. The instrument uses a membrane light touch switch, which has good sealing performance, accuracy and reliability.

The significance of using an oxygen analyzer to measure the oxygen content of flue gas in industrial furnaces is to prevent excess air from entering the furnace to increase physical heat loss, and to prevent the increase of chemical incomplete combustion heat loss due to insufficient oxygen. If the amount of oxygen in the flue gas is small, it means that there is insufficient oxygen, which will cause insufficient combustion of the gas, and a large amount of carbon monoxide will be discharged from the furnace, polluting the environment. When the oxygen content of the flue gas is large, it indicates that the excess air coefficient is too large. At this time, the exhaust gas volume will be increased, so that a large amount of physical heat will be taken out of the furnace, causing waste.

When the oxygen content is low, let’s analyze it in detail.

1. The oxygen potential is too high

Processing method: Use the given potential difference to correct the range potential to see if the contact is poor or the sensor is aging.

2. The oxygen analyzer probe filter is blocked, the air resistance increases, and the measured gas does not flow

Treatment method: reverse purge and clean the filter, if it cannot be dredged, replace the filter.

3. The air volume is too small

Treatment method: Open the large air damper and reduce the gas damper.

4. There may be combustible gas in the sample gas

Treatment method: check the sample gas by sampling. If there is indeed combustible gas in the sample gas, adjust the working conditions to remove combustible gas, or install a purifier in the sample gas to remove combustible gas components, or adopt pretreatment measures to reduce smoke. Gas temperature, or use an electrochemical oxygen analyzer for analysis.

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